3 Things to Know About Real Estate Agents


Although the Internet makes some aspects of finding homes easier than it was 20 years ago, a good real estate agent has access to lots of market information not available to the public, including the confidential selling prices of comparable homes in the area (referred to as “comps”), as well as knowledge of market conditions and any laws and/or regulations unique to the area you are buying in. A good agent will help you use that knowledge to strike a savvy deal that benefits both you and the seller — a win-win situation.

Three things to know about agents:

1) A buyer generally does not pay any money out of pocket for the services of a real estate agent. Agent commissions are typically paid by the seller; the buyer’s agent and the seller’s agent split the total commission.

2) A buyer’s agent protects your interests. Using the seller’s real estate agent, called “dual agency”, does not protect your interests.  Even though it is the agent’s responsibility to negotiate prices and terms that are acceptable to both parties, dual agency poses a conflict of interest in which the seller usually has the upper hand.  Work with a buyer’s agent exclusively, who will look out only for your interests.

3) You can go it alone, however in Incline Village’s particular real estate market, we recommend you hire an agent to walk you through the many steps of buying a home.  In our region we have disclosures not found in other areas, such as the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency’s Best Management Practices program for erosion control, that buyers from out of the area may not be familiar with.  Contact one of our experienced professionals at Lakeshore Realty to assist you in the purchase of your Incline Village dream home!


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