6 Tips for Staging Your Home When Selling

The housing market continues to show headway in recovery, according to the National Association of Realtors, who reported that existing home sale numbers have risen 6 percent. When you prepare to sell your home, make it as inviting as possible to the potential buyers coming by to take a look. This means more than leaving the house clean and tidy—it means creating a space that the buyers will be able to imagine themselves living in. Stage your home for potential buyers and stick to a neutral style. Here are a few tips to help get it sold quickly!

Appeal to the Masses

After living in your home for quite some time, it’s become imprinted with your specific style. However, each of us have our own preferences, so make some adjustments to your home’s decor to neutralize it for mass appeal. Minimize bright colors and style-specific furniture and artwork. Make your home’s features stand out rather than the way you’ve decorated it.

Swap Out Appliances

Kitchens are critical, and buyers want to envision themselves preparing their future meals in a nice, clean, modern kitchen. Upgrade to stainless steel appliances if you haven’t already, and remove appliances and clutter from your counter tops. Offer you potential buyers a “clean slate” in the kitchen space.

Look at Your Windows

Window treatments are one area in homes that is often overlooked, but they add to the overall atmosphere of a room. Busted blinds and dingy curtains won’t do you any favors when it comes to showing off the house. The New York Times recommends swapping out existing blinds with higher quality versions, adding full length curtains for a dramatic effect to the room, or exploring the use of sheer curtains to lessen the impact of unfavorable outdoor views.

Keep Rooms Gender Neutral

When showing off your bedrooms, such as the master bedroom, keep the decor gender neutral. You’ll need the rooms to appeal to both men and women, instead of having a heavy lean on one side or the other. When couples stop by to take a look at the home, you want them both to imagine sleeping in the room, instead of one person feeling as though they don’t belong.

Scrub Down the Bathrooms

Take the time to make your bathroom spotless—from smudge-free mirrors to grime-free bathtubs. Don’t let unsightly stains discourage your potential buyers from the house. Declutter your vanity and consider adding new hardware if your existing ones are chipped or dingy. Bathrooms are one of the most used rooms in the house, so buyers will want to see an inviting, tidy space when they take their tour.

Take a Critical Look at Lighting

Make sure that your lighting fixtures are positioned for the best effect in each room. Bring additional lamps to dark corners of the room or swap out light bulbs to achieve a room’s best glow.

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