6 Ways To Get A Head Start On 2017 Home Trends

Looking to remodel, renovate, or design a new Tahoe home? You probably want to make sure you’re on the forefront of modern trends. These 6 items and features will give you a head start on 2017, ensuring that your home is the chicest one on the block.

1. Bar carts

Metal, wood, glass, acrylic, painted, gilded, square, round, on wheels and off…bar cars come in so many options it’s head-spinning. You can find one to match any style of décor and in any price range, from super affordable versions you can pick up when you’re buying a pair of flip flops and a bag of dog food at Target to some that you can buy instead of taking a luxury vacation.

But one thing is certain: they’re hot! Elle Décor calls bar carts “practical, portable, and eminently stylish pieces (that) are sure to get the party rolling.” And we agree!


2. Playful and passionate pink

Pink has made it out of the girls’ bedroom. Trends for 2017 are showing shocking swaths of pink as wall color, on furniture pieces, and as stylish accessories. A few licks of this bright, happy hue can instantly update a space and make it feel fun, fresh, and fabulous.


3. Mixed Metals

We haven’t seen the end of the metal trend, but a few new twists are making metal feel even fresher now. ”

“We’re seeing brass and gold still, but also polished nickel and silver coming back, and there’s a new metal finish – white plaster,” said designer Marie Flanigan in Houstonia magazine. As a Style Spotter at High Point Market, the largest show of furniture in the world, Flanigan had an opportunity to see the newest trends firsthand. “I saw a lot of light fixtures in white; it’s that very organic finish, as well as beds and chairs made out of it.”


4. Luxury appliances

Kitchens today are increasingly combining sleek surfaces with commercial functionality, and that trend isn’t ending anytime soon. If you’re building or remodeling, some emphasis in this area will not only give you an upscale, modern look, but also make the home desirable to buyers when you go to sell.

One to watch: The True 42 refrigerator from commercial appliance manufacturer True Residential. From their new luxury home line, this fridge brings a restaurant look in stainless steel or slate pearl “with an automotive-grade paint application (that) raises the bar on traditional kitchen appliance offerings,” said A Light Reflection.

5. The return of cork

Over the look of reclaimed wood on the walls? Take it up a notch, with cork.

“Cork is making a comeback! Cork adds warmth and texture to any home, it’s also a great way to absorb noise in luxurious open plan homes,” said Barry Estates.


6. Deep, rich colors

Not a fan of those light pastels that Pantone chose as the colors of the year? Go dark. But instead of the blue hues we’ve been seeing for a few years, veer next door on the color wheel.

Updated Tudor

“2017 is the year we wave goodbye to navy blues and midnights, because dark shades of green are one of the hottest new trends to come,” said Barry Estates. “Dark greens add depth when used as accent pieces, especially among tan leather, brass and natural linens.”

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