Lake Tahoe, Incline Village Home Buyer Advice

  • Lake Tahoe, Incline Village Home Buyer Advice

It’s important to be really careful in acquiring your dream house in the Lake Tahoe real estate market.  It’s so expensive to be transferring from one place to another.  So you would want to make sure of it.  These article will tell you several things to check out when getting a new home in Lake Tahoe.

Checking your Budget
Can you pay the necessary 20% down payment of the house?  If no, are going to get in on mortgage?  Would it be cheaper if you would lease with purchase option?  Could your credit score enough for the said financing?  What are the best banks to deal with?  What are the present rates?  Are there available house programs through the government?  How much are you willing to spend?  Would it be a large savings to get it on auction?

What’s the best location?
When you think of making and starting a new start with a new home, you would not want to miss to take into consideration the property location.  What is the pros and cons about the place?  Is the property near the beach or near the mountains?  How’s the education, facilities and security system?  How is the neighborhood?  Is the place free from any disturbances.  Say, you would want to look at a property that’s situated in a high altitude subdivision?  Would you be able to get around easily?  Is the place easily accessible? Remember that Tahoe winters bring a lot of snow.

Consult an Inspector
You would want to know the inside features of the house?  Is it  fire-proof or are there any other surprise maintenance that you would be paying once you are living inside the unit?  You might want to hire someone near the area or someone who is an expert about housing structure and the like.

Careful Consideration
After you’ve visited a property or home, you could rate the house from 1 to 10.  What are the strong and negative points?  What are the important parameters missing?  What is the house made of?  What are the other future maintenance especially when it involves cost?  What are the added features on the housing package that you don’t actually need?  Would you be willing to pay more and charge it on your card than saving it for future monthly payment?  How about the nearest school?  Is it a good and reputable school?  How about the nearest grocery or hospital or church?  Is it accessible?  How about the recreational areas?  How about train or bus stations in case of car repair?

Before deciding on buying a new home, visit the property twice or thrice before deciding on getting and actually paying for it.

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