Real estate pricing in today’s market.

  • Pricing in today’s market
  • 4’th of July events and festivities.


Pricing in today’s market.

Realistic is the right word that comes to mind when we meet with buyers. This is only the start, now we can take a closer look at the number of days on the market for each property and the number of price reductions if any occurred.

We review the price differential (list versus sold), which can range from 80% to 99%, depending on the price reduction. Seller’s need to be competitive, buyers are shopping this market and process more information than many sellers if they are a serious and experienced buyer.

It is difficult for seller’s to remove their personal thoughts about price especially when they need to net a certain amount out of the sale. Buyers have zero interest in a seller’s  need, they just want the house that meets their needs at the price they can afford and they will wait for it to come in the market.

If a house is not getting showings it is time to review the market which we do daily, it is out job to keep sellers informed on price reductions, sales and new inventory which competes with their home so that they can react to changes and not loose potential buyers. It’s a process which is in continual motion especially this time of the year.

No agent wants to list if the words “I really don’t need to sell” cross a sellers lips, at least those of us who are producers and have been in this market.


Bellow you’ll find helpfull links for the events that take place in Lake Tahoe on the 4’th of July Weekend.

Lake Tahoe 4’th of July events.

Lake Tahoe 4’th of July festivities.

Oh and by the way, happy 4’th of July to everybody !!!

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