Tips for selling your Lake Tahoe home in the winter.

If you are trying to sell your home this winter, it’s important to master certain seasonal issues that are not significant or non-existent in other seasons of the year. On this blog post we will try to give you a few tips on how to improve the looks of your home if you are trying to sell it.

Let the lights shine. For a showing every single light in the house must be on. It’s also a great idea to keep the light on in the front of the house even if there is no showing scheduled because a lot of people may walk or drive by and it gives the home a happy and welcoming feeling.

Provide convenient parking. It’s vital for buyers to have a convenient place to park; it’s not too much fun for them to walk long distances in the cold weather and snow banks, especially if they are not from Tahoe or a place where it snows. Because parking is more restricted around condominiums, sellers should make sure that their agents can pass along parking details to buyers.

Don’t ignore the outdoors. Make a good first impression on buyers with a neatly maintained yard. Walks and steps should be kept clear, especially of snow and ice.

Make it easy to enter. Winter showings can get off to an awkward start if potential buyers arrive with snow or salt on their shoes. You can use a festive rug (maybe you can use a local theme rug) at the front door for a first great impression and so visitors can wipe off their feet. Have slippers or disposable shoes available along with a bench chair available where they can exchange their shoes.

Keep odors under control. Any home tends to get stuffy in the winter since windows are opened rarely. That can allow odors to build up, which can be a turn-off for buyers; pet odors can be worrisome in the winter so it’s highly recommended to use an air purifier and clean more often. If pets are in the house consider setting the thermostat control so that the furnace fan runs constantly during the day to keep air moving through the house and dissipate odors. Also avoid strong cooking odors on showing day.

Create a festive look. Appropriate Christmas decorations and even St. Valentine’s Day can help give a home a cheerful look in winter months. But don’t overdo it with decorations, remember that the buyers are here to see the house you are trying to sell and not your decorating skills.

Encourage daytime showings. A home shows bets it’s advantages during the daylight hours, which are relatively scarce in winter. Encourage your agent to schedule showings before 3PM.

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