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Fellow crafters, I’m sure you’ve noticed the abundance of project resources that happen to grow naturally just outside our windows, such as mossy trees, pinecones, pine needles, granite rocks and more.

They’re also known as supplies — and you can take advantage.

Amid such breathtaking 360-degree views, one way to decorate your Tahoe-Truckee home without competing against nature’s beauty is to bring the outdoors in this summer.

Simple, natural and strikingly beautiful, terrariums are wonderful for bringing life to any room inside your mountain home.

Plus, they’re a fun and easy project to create, and you don’t have to have a green thumb to keep it looking beautiful — succulent plants are resilient little guys!

Below are some simple directions to decorative, at-home terrarium and air plant projects to add a splash of nature to your home’s décor.

you will need

For the terrarium(s): Choose your favorite decorative glass pots, hanging glass bulbs, or glass holiday tree ornaments.

Small, indoor plants: Be sure to pick low-to-moderate sunlight, low maintenance plants.

Air plants: These are for hanging decorative bulbs or sculpture pieces.

Soil: Gather just enough soil for the terrarium plants; air plants do not require soil.

Tahoe’s natural resources: Choose among moss, twigs and pine needles as optional additions.


Any decorative pot can make a great terrarium, so pick one with an open side or top that reflects your style.

Be sure your plants are small enough to comfortably fit inside the terrarium of your choice (factor in their growth expectancy — keep it small).

Add soil to the bottom of a clean terrarium pot and make a space for the plant inside. Then, cover with additional soil and press firmly to secure the plant in place — we don’t want them tipping over!

Arrange bushier plants in the back with smaller succulents in front, using as many or as few plants as you’d like.

Add moss, small pinecones, rocks and anything you find in your backyard to add a little character.


Fill glass holiday ornaments with a few pieces of moss, twigs and pine needles for a natural and simple tree decoration. Since the holidays have passed, you can add the ornaments (tie-side down) in a decorative basket of potpourri or pinecones for a beautiful table arrangement.


Air plants are gorgeous, low-maintenance plants t
hat bring the outdoors inside. No need for soil or daily watering, simply let them sit in a bowl of water for about 15 minutes, once a week. Dab any excess water on a paper towel before setting in the glass bulb to avoid water spots.

For more information: http://www.sierrasun.com/news/local/creating-a-terrarium-can-add-serious-character-to-your-lake-tahoe-home/

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