Ways to Quickly Improve Your Holiday Rental Listing

Forty-seven percent of all travelers are interested in spending their holidays in a rental home, according to Discover Vacation Homes. This can be used to great advantage for a real estate professional or landlord. As every professional knows, holiday listings are some of the most challenging in the industry. Few people rent during the holidays unless they are specifically renting for a holiday retreat, and this usually only occurs in highly desirable areas. If you want to jazz up your holiday listing and increase the possibility of responses, there are a few things you should consider:

Stage the Home for the Holidays

With a little creative flair, you may be able to stage your rental location for the holidays. You can add brightly colored decorations or even a Christmas tree to your rental pictures, thereby giving prospective renters the feeling that they could have a lovely family holiday in the rental home. The same props can be used in all of your listings to keep you under budget. There are many inventive ways staging props can be obtained, as mentioned by Staging Diva.

Consider Targeting Holiday Renters

Almost a quarter of all renters have stayed in a vacation home through the holidays. This offers an insight into a prospective demographic you may not have considered. While it is very difficult to rent a home through the holiday season, it may not be difficult to temporarily fill it with a holiday rental. A holiday rental may be an excellent way to produce income without having to actually fill the home.

Tempt Your Renters With Additions

Holiday renters tend to be more hesitant than most because they don’t want to move through the holidays. But they still can be tempted. You can consider additions such as a Lifeshield.com home security system, include utilities, waive fees such as pet deposits and more. If you are an agent, you can work with the landlord to determine how flexible they are willing to be.

Give Incentives for an Early Move-In

Rental incentives have traditionally been a way for landlords to increase occupancy during lean times, as reported by MSN, but the same strategies can also be applied to the holiday season. Offering furnished apartments, including items such as washers and dryers and offering discounted rates for specific periods of time can be an excellent way to attract tenants.

Fill Your Ad With Cheer

The holiday season is about happiness and fun, so don’t be afraid to add a little personality to your holiday listings. You can add fun graphics, interesting fonts and colors to differentiate your listings from the competition. If you’re an agent, this may even encourage prospective tenants to view your other listings to find one they like.

Consider the Military

While many people don’t like to move during the holidays, Military Spouse points out that members of the military often don’t have a choice. Encouraging members of the military to view your listing is an excellent way to target this valuable demographic, especially if you are in an area with a large military presence.

It’s important to remember that anyone looking at a rental listing is already interested in moving into a new home. Many tenants hesitate purely because they feel they cannot make a move during the holiday season. All you need to do is find something that gives them the push they need to commit.

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