Why Tahoe? Why Now?

1) Why buy in Tahoe?  

Because, your money is much safer invested in Incline Village Real Estate Real Estate.  the median sales price of houses have remained consistent.  For example, the median sales price for 2008 was $1,120,000.  That same Median Sales Price for 2005 was $1,140,000.  Granted the prices did not appreciate much, but compared to the stock market of late or other areas of real estate, I would consider Incline Real Estate a safe haven.  Besides, you can enjoy a home.  Not so with your stocks.

Lake Tahoe is known throughout the world for its breathtaking views and quality of life. Incline Village is the only full service, master planned community in the basin.  Our educational standards and dedication of our teachers, make this an ideal place to raise a family.
2) What’s available in Tahoe? What kinds of homes are available on the
market at a low, medium and high price range? And what price range can
customers find the best choices? 
A nice family home could be purchased in a quality neighborhood for $500,000.00+/-.  Expect an older modest home, perhaps a ranch style or mountain home.  Currently, for under $800,000 you have your choice of 34 different homes.  That does not include free-standing condos and condominiums.  The most expensive property on the market can be found for $39,000,000: a breathtaking estate which features four parcels, three homes and pier situated on almost nine acres on the shores of Lake Tahoe (which can be seen by following this link).
3) How much? I know prices are way down, but how far down are they?  Can people interested in a home in Tahoe really afford to miss out on these prices? 
A prudent buyer must consider that Incline Village has many areas and price ranges.  Some areas have done better than others, while some areas suffered the economic impact harder.  As a result, the values are out there, but not always in plain site.  Start looking now.  A buyer with a knowledgeable Incline Village Realtor will do very well to buy a home in today’s Real Estate Market. 
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